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Write an essay

Can you write an essay about the following topic?

Write a song

Can you write a song about the following topic?

Generate ideas

Can you generate ideas for the following topic?

Write an email

Can you write a professional email based on the following conversation?

Write a poem

Can you write a poem on the following topic?

Write a story

Can you write a story on the following topic?

Summarise notes

Can you summarise these notes for me?

Make it better

Can you change the following text to make it sound better?

Find the meaning

Do you know the meaning of this phrase or word?

Write a tagline

Can you write a tagline for the following product?

Write a description

Can you write a description for the following thing?

Explain to a 5-year-old

Can you explain the following concept to a 5-year-old?

Explain to me

Can you explain the following concept to me?